June 30, 2018

About the game:

Take a weekend trip through forest full of animals in this exciting mahjong connect game.

Mahjong connect games have simple rule: two tiles can be connected if path between them has maximum of two turns. Your target is to clear whole board. During game you can use three types of bonuses:
 ★ hint: will show you one of next possible match,
 ★ bomb: will blast random pair on board,
 ★ reshuffle: will reshuffle all tiles on board

Game features:
 ★ classic board game game with simple rules
 ★ cute and animated animals tiles
 ★ interesting tiles layout in each level
 ★ bonuses to help players to clear board
 ★ original soundtrack

Game is available for licensing. Please, let us know if you are interested in it or if you need additional details. You can test it here.


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