About the game:

If you like Sudoku, then you’ll love Futoshiki. Futoshiki is another popular Japanese numeric puzzle game.

On a 5×5 grid the aim is to put, in each row and column, numbers from one to five, so they do not repeat themselves. Numbers must also respect the relational signs placed between some cells. Some cells may already be filled from the beginning. They are, like the relation signs, part of the puzzle and cannot be overwritten.

The game includes a generator offering the player three difficulty levels, from easy through medium to hard. For each generated puzzle only one unique solution is guaranteed.

Game features:
 ★ infinite number of puzzles thanks to built-in generator,
 ★ three difficulty levels,
 ★ each puzzle has one unique solution,
 ★ two game board skins,
 ★ players can make notes into cells,
 ★ nice music

Game is available for licensing. Please, let us know if you are interested in it or if you need additional details. You can test Japanese version here.


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