Pirates! – the match 3

About the game:

“Pirates! – the match 3” combines well known game mechanics with various tasks in highly addictive and stylish adventure.

Swap and match gems on your journey with pirates through unknown lands and seas in this addictive and exciting match-3 game. Dig treasures, open chests, fight enemies or fulfil other tasks you are given in each level. Combine gems to create mighty ones and then combine these new gems to create even more powerful ones!

Game features:
 ★ well known and simple game mechanics
 ★ a lot of gem combinations
 ★ many different tasks to fulfil
 ★ fight enemies
 ★ dig treasures and open chests
 ★ collect items and cut your way through the jungle or other obstacles
 ★ original pirate music
 ★ speaking parrot!

The game is full of animations (a lot of them complex skeletal ones), background images and original music. No pirate game can miss speaking parrot!

Pirates! – the match 3 is now available for licensing. Please, let us know if you are interested in it or if you need additional details. You can test it here.



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