Blossom is word puzzle game. Your target is to find 12 words made of 7 letters. One letter is placed in the center of the flower and remaining 6 letters is placed on flower’s petals. Every word must have length of 4 or more letters and also must contain the center letter.

Game was made for Merriam-Webster.

Push Your Luck

Push Your Luck is game show, which will teach you about probability. Spin the wheel and guess whether next number will be higher or lower than current one. Play against computer controlled opponents. The first one who gets 100+ points wins.

Game was made for Coolmath Games.

Math Clash

Solve math questions faster than your opponent. There are four categories – adding, subtracting, multiplication and division.
Level up and watch your statistics.

Game was made for Coolmath Games.

Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes is classic game for two players. Draw lines between point in the grid in turns. Player, who completes box, is given extra move. Apply right strategy to complete more boxes than opponent.

Game was made for Coolmath Games.

Tower Escape Mini

In Tower Escape Mini you are avoiding falling blocks and pipes. You have to climb them to get from falling blocks trap. You can collect pearls to increase your score.

Game was made for DOCOMO Digital.

Gravity Ninja 2

In Gravity Ninja 2 you are running vertically and on every screen tap, gravity is changed from left to right. You have to avoid obstacles and collect as many coins as possible.
You can also compete with other players, who’s characters are displayed as shadow and see if you can do better then them.

Game was made for Gamee.

Sky Kid Mini

Sky Kid Mini is revamped classic Namco game from 80’s. With single button you give a little boost to your plane, but if you hold it down, you will make complete loop!
Your task in this horizontal side scroller is to avoid homing missiles and enemy planes. Also, pick as much stars as possible during the flight to unlock other planes.

Game was made for DOCOMO Digital.

Dragon Buster Mini

Dragon Buster Mini is revamped old game from 80’s. Original game was the first one that featured visual health meter and double jumps. Game is really difficult and it is not easy to avoid all the traps, creatures and dragons.

Game was made for DOCOMO Digital.

Man City Striker

Man City Striker is single button football game. Kick ball when it is right on the cross hair.
Game includes leveling and unlocking of new players.

Game was made for Gamee.

Block Busters

Drop bricks in the right moment to build tower as high as possible. Place new bricks precisely to keep tower balanced.

Game was made for Gamee.

Jirka Kral

Jirka Kral is Czech youtuber. In this game he moves around his flat and collects likes and hamburgers. He has to avoid ducks.
Fellow youtubers are either helping him or making his life harder.

Game was made for Gamee.

Little Plane

In Little Plane you change direction of the plane with single button. You have to avoid pillars, fly through pillar tunnels and collect money.

Game was made for Gamee.


Frozen is fast match-3 game in the world of Frozen. It is focused on fast matching and there are no special gems. Instead, you are completing simple tasks in 150 levels.

Game was made for Famobi.

Gravity Ninja

Gravity Ninja is fast paced one-button game. On every screen tap gravity in the game changes and ninja jumps from the floor to the ceiling or from the ceiling back to the floor. Your task is to avoid obstacles, collect as many coins as possible and run as far as you can.

Game was made for Gamee.

Jewel Jungle

Jewel Jungle is fast match-3 game. There are no special gems. Instead, it is focused on fast matching and completion of simple tasks.

Game was made for Famobi.

Ridhwans Unicorn

Ridhwans Unicorn is simple one-button game similar to flappy bird, but with more complex game environment. You have to avoid candy obstacles and grab sweets. Special rainbow sweet gives you extra speed boost and temporary invincibility.

Game was made for Gamee.

Meteoric Plus

Meteoric Plus is puzzle game. You move objects on board into all four directions – all at once. Two or more objects of the same type merge and form higher level object. Top object is sun and it explodes when two or more of them merge.

Game was made for Gamee.

Rio Sprint

Rio Sprint is hurdle-race game. You control one of three competitors. Your task is to run as fast as possible and jump in the right moment to get over the hurdle.

Game was made for Gamee.

Summer Love

Summer Love is endless runner and originally was intended to support summer music festival of the same name.
Levels are procedurally generated, so the track is different every time.
You have to avoid falling into water as well as spikes on some of the platforms.

Game was made for Gamee.


Meteoric is original puzzle game. You control meteors falling from the top on the game board. Two or more neighbouring ones form planet and two or more planets form sun. Then, two or more suns explode and destroy surrounding space objects. From time to time there falls space debris blocking part of the board or black hole that sucks all objects in vertical and horizontal direction.

Game was made for Gamee.


In Snowflakes you control small cupid with left and right arrow. He is happy and flies up as long as you pick snowflakes. But he starts to fall down if you miss some. The game ends when he falls out of screen.
Picking a heart boosts him temporary to fly faster up.

Game was made for Gamee.

Dot Hop

Dot Hop is sngle-button game. Your dot hangs on line and on every screen tap it jumps to next bottom line. You have to avoid crashes with other dots. Whole screen is slowly scrolling up and it presents another danger as the game also ends if you move out of screen.
To increase score you can pickup yellow star dots.

Game was made for Gamee.

Farm Connect

Farm Connect is mahjong connect game clone (also known as shisen-sho). Two tiles can be connected if path between them has maximum of two turns. Your target is to clear whole board. During game you can use three types of bonuses:
 ★ hint: will show you one of next possible match,
 ★ bomb: will blast random pair on board,
 ★ reshuffle: will reshuffle all tiles on board

Game was made for FunnyGames.

Jin Jang

Two dots are flying over random curve in Jin Jang. They are constantly moving in horizontal direction which you can change with screen taps.
Your task is to keep black dot in white field and white dot in black field. Game ends when either dot touches central curve.

Game was made for Gamee.

Mc Diary

McDiary is simple one-button game. You control direction of cart with screen tap. Your task is to catch falling gems – one of each color. You have to dodge falling spikes.

Game was made for private customer.