Deadly Abyss 2

Deadly Abyss 2 was originally written for Samsung bada OS. Unlike the first Deadly Abyss, this one could take full advantage of touch controls. But, the gameplay stays similar. You have to destroy enemy ships and underwater vehicles. From time to time destroyed ships drop bonus with immediate effect and sometimes upgrade bonus is dropped. If you collect enough drop bonuses, you can upgrade some features like torpedo reloading time, speed, etc. The top upgrade will change your submarine, but it also starts boss battle. There are three big bosses.
Later, the game was rewritten for Android devices.

Mahjong Tris

Mahjong Tris was originally written for Samsung bada OS. When bada was introduced, Samsung held a big compo for game developers. Mahjong Tris made it into top 300.
Later, the game was rewritten for Android phones.

Horror Labs

Horror Labs is the next adventure of Tom Atom. It was our biggest game so far and there was plenty of other people working on it. Beside Jupiter there were other graficians (Cobold – most of the tiles graphics, Likandro – big part of characters, Tomboid – characters) and it was also our first game that had really great music by Honza Dušek. We also had publisher that provided testers. The game was completely written under J2ME but in the very end it was decided by publisher to release it on iPhone.


Guns’n’Girls is game for Symbian OS. In the wild west you shoot guys who appear in windows of buildings. Your task is to kill only the bad ones. Some of them look like good ones until they draw a gun.

Deadly Abyss

One of the first real smartphones was Nokia 7650 running Symbian operating system. Our first game was Deadly Abyss. You controll submarine and launch torpedoes to destroy enemy ships. You had to avoid hitting civil ships and you also had to dodge deadly mines dropped from enemy ships

Tom Atom

My last Gameboy game was Tom Atom. This was the first game where Tom Atom appeared and it was also the first game we created with together Jupiter. Jupiter is professional grafician. His graphics raised the quality of game by hundreds percents. We formed small team with name SBC (Small Blue Cube). The game itself was about wandering through land, speaking with characters and fighting with monsters. You could find several weapons and had to defeat five bosses. The main one – Dr.Zloun – escaped in the very end after the final battle and so the end stayed open.


Jumpik continues in my tradition of hard, almost unplayable games! In the end of the 1999 I took part in another compo sponsored by Bung. Bung was producer of specialised  HW used by amateur Gameboy developers. The game was really hard to play. Lot of dying for every small mistake.

Little Fantasy

In 1999 I left PC and started amateur coding for Gameboy. The reason was simple. While stuck in DOS times changed and if I wanted people to play my games I had to switch over to big world of Windows or to find another platform. Gameboy was still platform where single person could make all the job by himself and the code was mostly written in assembler.

 First finished game was Little Fantasy. The game was created for GBDev 2000 compo and according to rules it had to be under 32 kb. Into this limited space I squeezed small RPG game in Final Fantasy style with 64 screens and big evil boss Skullhead in the end. The game won in the compo game category.


After many unfinished experiments my only finished PC game was Požár. It was simple game where you controll the platform in the bottom of the screen with mouse and your task is to catch survivors jumping out of windows in tree village. The characters were “taken” mostly from old NES games.

Bloody Revenge

Bloody Revenge was frenzy action platformer similar to Atari Kosmonauti. With main character you are wandering from left to right through screens and shooting the enemies. Game was written in x86 asm.


In 1993 we got our first PC. It was 386SX machine with 42MB hard drive and 256 color VGA graphics card. For this comp I first created simple logical game Cases. You controll small tank and your task is to pick up all objects in room. The room is all crammed with cases which you can move. Written in x86 asm.


Kosmonauti is simple arcade shooter. The game was really very hard to play… Umm, well … it was unplayable. Graphics was just pile of rips from other games. But it was completely written directly in machine code.

Music Master 5

In 1989 we (me and my brother) got our first computer – the great Atari 800 XL. It was not so common to have computer at home in those times. But fortunately, my schoolmate Ladislav Salát had also one. We both had the same interests. Not only we played that good old games but we were also curious about how things work. Yes, we were young, wild and in short time we were drunken with power of 6502 machine code! Together we created Music Master 5. It was kind of jukebox where under each letter of alphabet was one computer song ripped from some famous Atari game.