Sword & Fortune – WIP – Basic creatures

Sword & Fortune

In this WIP we would like to start presentation of Sword & Fortune creatures. Watch video below to see three basic creatures in action.

Here are some additional details:

  • Swamp hedgehog – this is the simplest creature in game. It just walks from left to right. Although it is simple, it is based on common base class for all enemies. This class determines, whether enemy is affected with gravity, whether it checks for platform ends and walls, whether it is following some path, detecting player, etc. On image from editor below, you can see blue debug squares, where it is checking for floor tiles and wall tiles.
  • Slime – still pretty simple enemy. Again, it just walks from left to right. It doesn’t turn to player on hit, but if facing player, it can detect and bite him. Small circle on image below serves as player detector.
  • Boney – much smarter than Slime or Swamp hedgehog. When hit by enemy from behind, he turns. He detects player and attacks with hard dual-hand hammer punch. See square detector on image bellow:

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