Sword & Fortune – WIP

First WIP update for our upcoming pixel art platformer.

Sword & Fortune

This is our first work-in-progress report for Sword & Fortune. Sword & Fortune is pixel art platformer with barbarian, lot of creatureas and plenty of gold made with Unity


When villagers asked old greedy barbarian for help, he was not interested. Why should he bother himself with some missing people? What? Monsters? Monsters also need to live somewhere, right? And eat something, right?
But when leader of villagers started to speak about rumors full of gold, hidden treasures and valuables of unthinkable value, accumulated by monsters in swamp, he started to think about growing prices of rum… How many bottles of his favorite drink he could buy for bag of gold? Or better for chest of golden jewelry?
Finally, he agreed to investigate swamp, but only on condition, he keeps all gold he finds.


We started to work on game short time before Unity announced their 2D Challenge. We took part in it and since it ended, we are still continuing our work. Here is YouTube video from finall demo for the challenge:

Since challenge, many things has changed. We are adding new features and we will present them is separate WIP posts. We created new Unity Connect page for game too.

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